Purchasing a Commercial Space in Noida is a Lucrative Investment

If you a looking at buying a commercial space as a suitable investment opportunity, then you must consider purchasing one that is located in a commercial hub like Noida. Being a part of the New Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) Noida has become an established commercial and industrial hub.

Why Purchase a Commercial Space in Noida?

The infrastructural facilities available in and around Noida are extensive, which are the reasons behind real estate developers perceiving this region ideal for the development of hyper markets, shopping malls and commercial complexes. Some of the advantages offered by a typical metro mart or a commercial complex in Noida have been discussed below.

Why invest in a Commercial Space in a Hyper Market in Noida

If you want to buy shop in Noida then ensure that it is located in a hyper retail mart or a commercial complex. This will ensure that it is located in an area that is bound to receive high footfall. Additionally, it will be a lucrative investment on your part, as your store will attract more customers. The facilities that such a commercial space will offer are as follows:

Commercial complexes are usually located in the proximity of the NCR metro stations. This ensures that customers can easily commute to and from the complex. The ease of travel is essential to attract customers.

Commercial complexes will have ample parking space. This is an added advantage for customers, which indirectly helps in increasing footfall in your company’s store.

Many hyper markets have children’s play area, movie halls and other such entertainment facilities to attract customers.

Thus, if you want to ensure increased footfalls to your store as well as ascertain that the investment is a lucrative one, then you must purchase a store space in a commercial complex located in a region like Noida.


Purchasing an Apartment in Noida- Important Things to Consider

If you’re a working professional and want to purchase a home in Delhi NCR, Noida is one of the best destinations for you. With its easy connectivity and thriving commercial zones, Noida has emerged as a favourite city amongst individuals from the high-income group who’re planning to purchase a residential property.

However, if you’re planning to purchase an apartment in Noida, there are many important factors that you should consider. It is important to take into account the distance of your workplace from your home. Opting for a home near your workplace is a good idea as it will help you save a significant amount of time.

Let’s take a look at some of the other important factors that you need to consider while buying a comfortable apartment in Noida-

  • While purchasing an apartment, you must take into consideration the size of the particular flat. If you do not want to make a huge investment, you can consider purchasing a studio apartment in Noida for sale. These apartments are small but are affordable. They are ideal for single working professionals and even for newly-married couples.
  • Regardless of the type of apartment you choose, security is an important concern that shouldn’t be ignored. The residential complex must have an excellent security system.
  • If you Vaastu compliance is important for you, then make sure that the apartment is Vaastu compliant before purchasing it. These days, most developers design apartments in compliance with Vaastu.
  • Ensure that the residential complex within which the apartment is located has wide open spaces and landscaped gardens. This will add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your house.

Thus, you should evaluate all aspects of the transaction before you purchase a flat. Moreover, you should purchase the apartment from a renowned realtor and be assured of the legality of the entire investment.

Why should you Buy Flats in Projects that have IGBC Green Home Gold Rating?

When you purchase an apartment, it is essential to evaluate all aspects of the building complex. Apart from other things, it is important to ensure that the project has received a positive rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). As it is evident from the nomenclature of the Council, it provides certification to buildings, both existing and under construction, whether or not these buildings have been built with regard to existing ecological requirements. Some of the essential features of the IGBC ratings have been discussed below.

What is IGBC Rating?

The IGBC will evaluate a particular building for the methodologies implemented to reduce the environmental impact of the building. The IGBC rating is provided by taking into account the architectural design of the building, water conservation, energy efficiency, building materials used, quality of the environment within the complex and innovations introduced while constructing the building. On evaluating a particular building for all these aspects the ratings are provided in the following manner:

  • A building with a score range of 40 to 49 will receive a basic IGBC certification.
  • A building with a score range of 50 to 59 will receive a ‘Silver’ certification.
  • A building with a score range of 60 to 74 will receive a ‘Gold’ certification.
  • A building with a score range of 75 to 74 will receive a ‘Platinum’ certification.

Thus, depending on the environmental impact of a building the IGBC will provide it with a specific certification.

What are the Benefits of IGBC Ratings?

For aesthetically designed flats in Noida that have received a positive rating from IGBC, you can be assured that the water and energy consumption of the building as a whole will be less in comparison to a non-certified apartment complex. This will help you save on the energy bill.

Wave Infratech, a renowned realtor, has been proactively constructing buildings in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) that have received the ‘Gold’ certification from IGBC. This means that Wave City Center and other projects constructed by Wave Infratech are ideal for buying new and comfortable apartments.

Book Your Flat With Wave City Center To Enjoy An Uncluttered Lifestyle

With more and more companies setting their businesses in Noida, this city brings plenty of opportunities to the working professionals. As a result, people from all over India come here to find their dream jobs and earn handsome salaries every month. To accommodate such a large number of people, this rapidly growing city has plethora of residential projects in its baggage. Some of the renowned names in the real estate sector have come up with modern flats in Noida, especially for those looking forward to enjoy a comfortable, convenient and uncluttered living. One such project is Wave City Center which is shaped around the dreams and aspirations of those who wish to experience an unprecedented lifestyle.


Right from location to world-class amenities, there are ample of reasons that will make these modern flats in Noida great choice for an unparalleled living experience. Some of them are listed below:

Advantageous Location

Located in the heart of Noida, Wave City Center covers sector 32 and 25A of the city. This project enjoys an unbeatable proximity to metro station, Golf course, hospitals and national highways. Besides, it is hardly 10 minutes drive from Delhi by the DND flyway and makes commuting easier to Greater Noida by the Yamuna Expressway.

Renowned Construction Planners

The entire Wave City Center project is designed and conceptualized by some of the renowned construction planners of India. Larsen and Toubro (L & T), B.E. Billimoria and Co. Limited and Topline Private Limited are a few of such firms. All these construction companies have years of experience in the construction industry and are known to use only top-notch quality construction materials.

Advanced Security

These modern flats in Noida by Wave City Center are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and CCTV surveillance to ensure a safe and secure environment to the residents. Besides, both entry and exit points are strictly monitored by security guards, thereby ensuring no entry of unknown visitors.

Ample Parking Facility

One of the biggest problems faced by people living in metro cities is that of lack of parking space. However, buying one of these modern flats in Noida will relieve your stress from the tension of parking. Wave City Center boasts large space for parking both for the owners and visitors. Convenient parking can be another significant reason to book your living space in this project.

Metro Mart – An Ideal Retail Destination for all your Shopping Needs

Whether you want a commercial space to open your retail store, a food court chain or an entertainment zone, there is no dearth of property options available all around Noida. Developing at a rapid pace this city witnesses myriad of real estate projects mushrooming every now and then. But each project stands on your aspirations, which is quite hard to believe. Undoubtedly, every project is being designed keeping a section of society in mind. But whether you are the one to fall in this group is a statement that can’t be made so easily.  Carousel_fw2_mm_1
Metro Mart, a commercial property in the well-known Wave City Center project has been designed keeping all these factors in mind. This project boasts countless of facilities both for the space owners and visitors, making this place best in terms of investment.

  1. Listed below are some unique features of this Metro Mart commercial property:
    This project is situated right next to the bustling Noida City Centre Metro Station. Owing to its unbeatable location, Metro Mart commercial property is just a few minutes drive from the famous Atta market. Besides, it is 2 kms away from sector-18, 3 kms from DND Toll Plaza and 3.5 kms away from Kalindi Kunj, connecting Delhi.
  2. It is an air-conditioned shopping complex with power back-up and offers specially designed shop units in various sizes ranging from 32.5 sq. m to 60.3 sq. m. It also boasts of dedicated spaces for hypermarkets and fashion stores, making it an ideal retail destination for putting in some investment.
  3. This Metro Mart commercial property has a sprawling food court with a seating of about 350 guests at a time. It provides a unique dining option with the availability of 5 fine restaurants in the food court.
  4. Entertainment area with light, sound and fountain show is the highlight of this project. Besides, it has a kid’s play zone, exhibition area, large atrium space, stretched landscaped gardens and well-maintained pathways.
  5. To suffice the parking needs of both the shop owners and visitors, this Metro Mart commercial property has ample parking space available within its vicinity.

A Guide for Home Buyers for Making a Smart Property Investment

Over the years, Noida has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for luxury home buyers. Situated in close proximity to Delhi, this city has become an important commercial hub of the country. Many of the world’s leading businesses have expanded their offices in the city that offer work to a large number of professionals. To accommodate such a huge section of professionals, the demand for luxury properties in Noida has significantly grown in the past few years. With rising incomes and aspirations, more and more people are seeking to buy flats for sale in Noida.

Wave City Center is a renowned project by Wave group and offers a wide range of luxury flats for sale in Noida. However, it is equally good to be extra sure when it comes to property dealing. Listed below are some of the important factors you must keep in mind when buying your dream abode:


Location is the most important factor to be considered upon when looking for residential properties, and so must be carefully considered during the planning stage. There are many posh localities in Noida where you can buy premium homes. Generally, you would find most of the premium flats available for sale in Noida based in close vicinity to prestigious schools and hospitals. Besides, it is imperative for you to make sure that the property you are buying is located in peaceful surroundings.

Practical Layout

Looking for a practical layout in flats for sale in Noida is another necessary factor to check when buying your dream home. This will go a long way when it comes to escalating your overall living experience. If you are somebody who likes to throw parties quite frequently for your friends or family, a good layout becomes all the very important. Besides, homes with awkward columns or long hallways don’t look impressive and so must be avoided.


Just like location and layout structure, amenities and facilities hold equal importance when it comes to buying flats for sale in Noida. Modular kitchen and top-quality flooring are some of the specifications that you find in these luxury properties. Also, look for several other necessary features like air-conditioning, 24/7 power backup, car parking and so on.

Builder’s Reputation

Builder’s reputation is another factor that must be given attentive consideration. Luxury flats for sale in Noida constructed by reputed developers like Wave Group tend to retain their value. For a smart investment, you must check the credentials of the builder as an important part of your home buying research. Looking for previous projects of the developer and checking online reviews are the two effective ways to know more about the builder.

Safety & Security

The home you are buying must provide proper safety & security to its inhabitants. Right from secured entrances and CCTV surveillance in the complex to installation of fire fighting systems, flats available for sale in Noida offer the best security facilities to the residents.

Wave City Center is a renowned project of Wave Group located in sector 32 and 25A of Noida. This project has numerous options of premium flats for sale in Noida. Each flat under the project is equipped with world-class amenities, which makes all of them truly worth every penny you invest upon them.

Buy a Studio Apartment to have a Comfortable Living Experience

Over the years, the need for apartments has grown substantially in India. Be it is Delhi NCR, Mumbai or Bangalore, a number of residential projects have come up in the major cities of the country that are beautifully designed and offer unparalleled living experience to all their inhabitants. These apartment structures come in different sizes and are equipped with many modern amenities. One of the most important things among all is studio apartment that is gaining high popularity in many metro cities. As a result, many real estate developers including Wave Group has launched fully furnished studio apartments in Noida under its Wave City Center project.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a small, one-room apartment which combines bedroom, living room and kitchen into a single room. The bathroom is the only separate room in such a housing option. The single room of the apartment is a multi-purpose space that serves as living and sleeping area. Besides, the kitchen of such apartments are small and either divided from living spaces, or simply be a counter & cabinets along one wall. This means that you sleep, relax and eat in the same room.

Fully furnished studio apartments in Noida are ideal for bachelors and working professionals who live alone. A couple without children may also prefer studio apartment as their pocket-friendly housing option.

Plus Points of Living in a Studio Apartment

1. Studio apartments are quite affordable than many other housing options. They are smaller in size and so the costs of such apartments are considerably lower than that of other apartment types. However, the prices of fully furnished studio apartments in Noida depend greatly on their location as well. Thus, if saving money is a priority, you must choose for studio apartments as a preferred accommodation option.

2. Less area means less time needed for cleaning the home. Keeping a studio apartment clean is much easier than other types of apartments.

3. As everything is in the same room right from furniture to various articles including clothes, books and so on, you don’t have to run from one room to another for searching for something that you’ve misplaced. A fully furnished studio apartment in Noida can actually make your life a lot simpler and hassle-free.

4. Studio apartments are generally based in good locations. Due to their strategic locations, they are well-connected to major parts of the city. Besides, hospitals, schools and several other facilities are located in close proximity to these apartments.

Wave Group is among the prime names in Indian real estate industry. They have developed many residential and commercial projects in Delhi NCR. Right from studio apartments to luxurious homes, Wave City Center offers an extensive choice of residential apartments to home buyers. If you are planning to buy fully furnished studio apartments in Noida, you can opt for Wave Livork project, which is certain to fulfill your every need and will make your decision to go for it worth the money.