Features of Serviced Apartments that make them most-preferred Amongst Home Buyers

If you are a first time home buyer, before you start looking for a suitable residential property, you should first fix a budget. While fixing the budget you should take into consideration your requirements and the facilities that you would like to enjoy, while living in the particular apartment. Say, for instance, you want to prioritize lifestyle and want to ensure comfortable living then you can consider purchasing a serviced apartment, which is fully furnished and comes with facilities like on call concierge and in building laundry services. However, such apartments are usually quite expensive, primarily because of the numerous services available within the apartment complex. Hence, if you want to purchase a serviced apartment, you must fix your budget accordingly.

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Growing Popularity of Serviced Apartments

The management of a renowned real estate development firm mentions that serviced apartments are gradually gaining popularity amongst individuals from the high-income group. Moreover, serviced apartments are usually built in commercial hubs like Noida, where there is likely to be a strong demand for such apartments. Additionally, apartment complexes consisting of serviced apartment in places like Noida are always built in close proximity to arterial roads and by lanes. The Realtors developing such residential properties try to ensure that the residents can commute easily to and from their workplaces. Thus, purchasing a serviced apartment can be considered a good investment. In order to help you understand the benefits of purchasing a serviced apartment, some of the essential features of such residential properties have been discussed in the following section.

Why should you Purchase a Serviced Apartment?

Fully serviced apartments in Noida come replete with numerous facilities like, on demand concierge services, business centre and housekeeping services. These services make living in serviced apartments all the more comfortable. Moreover, all the workforce employed in the apartment complex are reliable and trustworthy. Apartment complexes comprising serviced apartments always prioritize the safety of the residents and hence, you can depend on the housekeeping staff and other workers in the building. Some of the other features that make living in serviced apartments all the more attractive are as follows:

  • The individual units in the apartment complex will be fully furnished. In other words, basic electrical equipment like air conditioners, geysers, and other such appliances will be pre-installed in the apartment. You will not have to spend money to furnish the apartment. Serviced apartments are always designed on the lines of ‘ready to move in flats’.
  • There will be adequate parking spaces allotted to the residents of the serviced apartments. Moreover, there will be dedicated elevator service from the parking area directly to the respective apartments.
  • The entire environment will be noise free, to ensure the absolute comfort of the residents of the serviced apartments.

Thus, if you purchase a serviced apartment you can enjoy a luxurious and a comfortable lifestyle. However, it is advisable that you purchase the apartment from a renowned realtor. This will ensure that the serviced apartment complex provides numerous facilities to ensure complete comfort of the residents.