Make a Smart Move – Buy Retail Shop Space in Noida

Top Reasons to Invest in a Retail Shop in Noida

Owing to the positive economic indicators and rapid development, market analysts are optimistic about investing in retail shops space in Noida. The present market scenario clearly depicts an expansion in retail chains within a couple of years. The main reason behind this is that the retail chains are not only augmenting their presence as brick and mortar stores, but also trying to build up their online retailing platforms.With

With further relaxation of the FDI policy by the present government, it is expected that more and more MNCs will choose Noida as their hub. Hence, it is quite clear that an investment in retail shops in a city like this is bound to return high economic values, both in terms of resale and as rent.

Retail Shops Space in Noida

Prospects of Investments Made on Retail Shop Spaces

Retail shops play a crucial role in all residential and commercial sectors, and Noida is no exception. With the advent of advanced housing projects, coupled with the introduction of the metro, the demand for retail shops space in Noida has intensified further.

The constant rise in footfall in the city will definitely shift the demand curve for retail stores. With mind-boggling architecture, supreme exterior finishing, and breath-taking interiors, the shops are bound to create positive impacts on the minds of the buyers, thus improving sales to a great extent. To sum it up; the scope of gaining high returns from such an investment is huge, since the city is undergoing massive infrastructural development, and that too at a rapid pace.

The location plays a crucial role while investing in the realty sector as it determines the resale value to a great extent. With improved connectivity and ever-soaring resale value, the retail shops would obviously top the sales chart in the city.

Noida has something to offer to every investor. Nevertheless, one must not forget to weigh the pros and cons before investing, so one can earn the maximum returns from their investment.


Importance of Clubhouse in Residential Property

Today, the customers are ready to pay that extra amount in order to get the maximum facility and this is why a number of real estate projects are coming up with the hi-tech amenities. One such amenity is the club house. The club house concept is advantageous for the customer as well as the builder.

flats with clubhouse

  • It allows the customers to get everything under one roof starting from the fitness to the personal care. Usually, the customers need to pay an amount for the maintenance and to keep their membership active in the clubhouse.
  • People today are very much health conscious and want to stay fit. Thus the clubhouses also offer gym facility. This helps the customer to save a lot of money as a gym offering world class facilities usually charges hefty amount. But by becoming a member of the clubhouse you do not need to pay anything extra for availing the gym facility.
  • The clubhouses also include swimming pool, lush green garden, steam and sauna facilities and children’s area. Swimming pool is preferred by everyone starting from kids to elders, so having a pool at home means your weekends can actually turn out into an outdoor holiday.

Getting all these amenities under one roof can definitely make the living a luxurious experience.

The need for amenities in residential projects has come up only to reduce the stress levels of the residents and to get rid of travelling related problems. And all this will make the home more than just a place to come after work. It can in fact become a paradise where you can do what you desire and relish in the best possible way.

The flats with clubhouse and other state of the art amenities take care of the needs of residents from different age group and thus, you will find a dedicated area for kids as well as for the senior citizens. In addition, these projects have everything that is required for sport lovers, nature lovers as well as professionals and fitness lovers. So, if you are planning to make an investment in a residential property make sure that it has all the world class facilities available.

Things to consider while looking for a Space to setup a Restaurant

As every space is not ideal for setting up an office; similarly, every commercial space cannot be ideal for setting up a restaurant. Finding a perfect place for setting up a restaurant is quite a challenging task as you will need to keep in certain important things so that you can make profits.

Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you find the best restaurant space in Noida:

  • When looking for a restaurant space, make sure there is a dedicated parking space. A restaurant that does not have a lot of parking space will not be able to get enough customers.
  • Another important thing that you need to consider is that your restaurant should be visible easily to the passerby’s and everyone around that locality. In order to draw the attention of the customers, you can put up a digital signage near the restaurant entrance. Or you can also put up advertisement of your restaurant so that it can catch the eyes of the onlookers easily.
  • When choosing a restaurant space; consider the type of restaurant you want to set up to determine the size required. For instance, a coffee shop may require a small space to setup while a fine dining restaurant will require somewhat larger space.
  • Find out the businesses and services that are there in the locality. This will help you to determine if you can benefit from adjacent businesses as their employees, and customers can become your customers. You can also find out if the other businesses around will improve the quality of your company.
  • Before you invest in a restaurant space, make sure that it has fire alarms, proper wiring, sprinkler systems, restrooms, handicap-accessible doors and all those things that are required for the safety of the employees and the customers.
  • Also, make sure that all the certifications are in place before you invest in the restaurant space so that you do not face any trouble in future. In India, a commercial property needs to have certain certifications that allow you to engage in your preferred line of business; so you can ask for that from the builder.

These tips will help you in finding the right space for setting up your restaurant.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Ready to Move Apartment?

First time home buyers often prefer to purchase luxury apartments that are ready to move in. These apartments already have all the facilities required to live comfortably. In other words, you will not have to carry out any major constructions, in order to make the apartment livable. If you purchase a ready to move apartment from a renowned real estate developer, you can be assured that the apartment will already have equipment like air conditioners and modular wardrobes installed. These make the apartment suitable to be lived in.

Most first time home owners consider buying a ready to move in flat as they can immediately start living in and not have to worry about furnishing the apartment. Some of the reasons for purchasing a ready to move apartment have been discussed below.

Benefits of Purchasing a Ready to Move Apartment

A fully furnished Flat in Noida or a ready to move apartment that is being developed by a renowned realtor will have numerous facilities, like a pre-installed modular kitchen, exhaust fans in the bathroom and even split air conditioners in the master bedroom. All of the equipment installed in the apartment will be of good quality and you can start using these from the day you move into the apartment. Some of the other benefits of purchasing a ready to move apartment are as follows:

  • You will not have to invest in furnishing your apartment. Equipment like air conditioners and modular kitchen are essential to live comfortably. If you purchase an apartment that already has home appliances and other essential furnishing items installed, your expenses with regard to installing these items separately will be reduced.
  • Sometimes while installing equipment like air conditioners, the apartment walls get damaged. However, if these equipment are installed while the building is being constructed neither will you have to worry about your apartment walls getting damaged nor pay for repairing the damage.

Thus, purchasing a ready to move in flat is a cost effective solution. It also ensures that you do not incur unnecessary expenses, in lieu of adding equipment like air conditioners and modular kitchen in your flat.


What to look for while choosing the best Real Estate Developers in Noida?

The real estate spectrum in India can be a tricky concept to understand if you have little or no knowledge. To start with, there is no transparency and so one has to be careful enough to figure out what is good and what is bad. The property dealing in most parts of the country is expanding due to high rate of investment which is being noticed off lately in the field. If you are looking for any property in Delhi extensions such as Noida, you will have to face a lot of challenges.

wave infratech

Although there are a lot of real estate developers in Noida, finding the reliable one can be a difficult yet tricky task. As most of the developers can fake their identity, a person with less knowledge can go bewildered. Nevertheless, there are certain tips, which can help you in finding the right developer who can assist you all the way in Noida in bringing good deals for you.

Finding reliable real estate developer in Noida

Let us go through some of the easy tips which can prove to be effective in reaching out the best real estate developer in Noida in finding reasonably priced and suitable property.

  • Check the reputation of the developer: It is really important that you check the background of the developer who is claiming to be the best and helpful in the field. A look over at his past projects and his profile in the industry can help you in figuring that out.
  • Clearance certificates: Sometimes, there are certain certificates required which are the permissions to proceed with the property. So, your developer should have knowledge in regard to this and should be able to sort the concerns for you. It is significant that you go always legal.
  • Project plan: Once the developer shows you the plans of various projects, make sure you understand well and ask multiple questions. If he is able to answer you then he is good to proceed with.

Make sure you are comfortable with the developer whom you are contacting and get answers to your queries before you finalize any deal.


All You Need to Know About Buying a Retail Space in Noida

Retail space is considered to be the last stop in the manufacturing chain. It is a spot where merchants sell their products to their valued customers. It differs from commercial properties like shops, showrooms, or office spaces. If you are looking to buy a retail space, you should buy it in a popular area that is frequently visited by potential customers.

For example, if your business is located in South Delhi or Noida, you can go for retail space in Noida in malls, single-standing buildings, and on main streets of highly busy commercial districts. Other places that experience heavy footfalls include airports, subway stops, hospitals, college campuses, railway stations, and so on.


Buying a Retail Space in Noida is Highly Beneficial

Merchants may either opt to purchase or lease retail space in Noida. In terms of common arrangement, a triple net lease is one such option that requires merchants to pay for insurance, tax, and maintenance in addition to rent.

Apart from all these, if you are planning to buy a retail space in Noida, make sure it has everything that could help you to attract potential buyers. The retail space should be air-conditioned with power back up. Further, it should have direct access from Metro Station, large atrium space, reliable and safe parking for owners and visitors followed by close proximity to popular shops and restaurants, to increase the probability of having footfalls. At the same time, you also need to consider some of the viable restrictions imposed by the landlord, subdivision, and local government.

Give a Kick Start to Your Business

It is better to obtain a written copy of all signage restrictions after you start taking interest in retail space for convenience. This will prevent you from falling into the clutches of unnecessary dangers. You need to ensure that you are comfortable in terms of obtaining approval for signage prior incurring of highly substantial legal fee. There are some franchises where signage requirements are considered to be inflexible.

Giving a kick start to your own business is an exciting proposition, and requires prime retail space.

The type of commercial property to be leased solely depends on the type of business you are involved in. Thus, it is better to select a location that will be receiving a lot of customers, and is surrounded by other complimentary businesses.

A Few Simple and Hassle Free Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate has become very popular these days. Although the real estate market provides you with a number of opportunities for huge gains, this type of an investment is much more complicated than the investment in the bonds and the stocks.

wave infratech3.jpg

There are certain ways of investing in real estate, and if you are interested to know more about the different ways of real estate investment, then you can go through the discussion below:

  • Buying a particular property and then renting it out to the tenants has been practised since the days of landownership. In this type of an investment, the property owner pays the bank loan, the taxes and the maintenance cost. However, in most cases the property owner charges enough rent, to cover all such expenses. In some cases, the property owner even charges more than his expenses, in order to earn a profit on his or her property. But it is wiser to be patient and charge enough rent to cover all the expenses, at least till the time the home loan is paid off.
  • Another way of investing in real estate is making an investment through a real estate group. In some cases, there are individuals, who want to own a rental property, but do not want to go through the hassles of a property ownership which would also include maintenance as well as finding tenants from time to time. The best solution for all such investors is investing through a real estate investment group. In this case, a real estate group buys a set of apartments and then the investor invests in any one of those apartments. In such a case, all the important things like the maintenance cost, finding tenants etc. is taken care off by the investment group.

So, if you are a new investor, and want to find out, how to invest in real estate, then you can go through the above-mentioned points. This will definitely help you to successfully make a real estate investment.