Guide to renting commercial office space in India

Today, commercial property is widely sought after, as many people are interested in starting their own ventures to become financially independent. The process of getting commercial office space for rent is very easy and hassle-free, if done in a proper manner. You can even think of subletting the property if your rental agreement allows it, to generate a secondary income.

Commercial Office Space for Rent

However, before you decide to rent commercial office space, here are a few things that you need to do:

Finalize the location for your office

Make sure that you are looking for a place in a location that you want. It is always better to be more specific in this regard. Make sure that your team members have ample space for parking in the chosen location.

Check the neighborhood

Always check whether the neighborhood is safe enough. See to that your team members and clients are comfortable visiting your office. There should be no reason for them to worry about their safety and security.

Transportation and access

Before selecting an office space, consider how it is going to affect your team members’ daily commute. The commercial office space should be in an area where your workers can get access to public transport with ease.

Space requirements

Don’t go for commercial rental space that is too big or too small. In fact, it should be big enough to accommodate your workers and commercial activities with ease, but small enough for you to be able to afford the rent without feeling the pinch.

Landlord information

Get detailed information about the landlord, who can be an individual or a company. Also, find out the tenancy period and what would happen if either party decides to terminate the contract. You should get a lawyer to check the contract carefully, so that there is no scope for ambiguities. It goes without saying that the agreement should be checked for periodical rent increase as well. Ensure the percentage of increase is in sync with the prevailing market rates.

While there are agents and dealers who you can get in touch with to find the right commercial office space for rent, you will end up paying commission to them. It is best to first begin the search on your own, and the internet is the best way forward. If you find it too tedious, then hire a professional to do it for you.


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